React boilerplate

November 6 2016

The majority of my front end development focus recently has been with react-native. So much in fact that I felt I might have lost touch with using ReactDOM alongside so many of the packages/libraries I've grown accostumed to with react-native development.

With that in mind I set out to whip up a quick reusable react app that uses redux, sagas, and redux-persist.


Not Another React Boilerplate App...

Yes. One more and its full of my opinions! It should have everything you need to get up and running without any fancy cli tools and such (bring your own if that's your interest). I've included a lot of other boilerplate code for action creators, reducers, and sagas so it's easy to see how to move forward within my opionated paradigm.


But I Want Fancy CLI Tools?!

Then I strongly urge you to checkout this repo which is not at all related to my simple react app.

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